Factsheet 11: Renewable Energy – Energy from the Ocean

Various forms of renewable energy have already been presented in recent weeks. Now Factsheet 11 will focus on another form of renewable energy: energy from the ocean. In this factsheet, you will learn about how ocean energy works, its advantages and disadvantages, and the status quo of its use. You can read Factsheet 11 here, we hope you enjoy it!

Factsheet 10: Pros and Cons of Biomass

Two weeks ago, in Factsheet 9, we already talked about energy from biomass/ bioenergy and discussed the potential and use in different countries. This week, Factsheet 10 will now go even further into the advantages and disadvantages of bioenergy. Have a look at Factsheet 10 here, we hope you enjoy reading it!

Factsheet 08: Renewable Energy – Geothermal Energy

In recent weeks, factsheets have already been published on different forms of renewable energy, such as solar or hydro energy, with their various advantages and disadvantages. This week, Factsheet 08 will focus on another form of renewable energy, geothermal energy. It discusses different ways of using geothermal energy, as well as possible risks, benefits and its use in different countries….

Factsheet 06: Solar energy – how it works

In Factsheet 05 two weeks ago, we already talked about solar energy, its use in different countries and related professions. Factsheet 06 continues to deal with solar energy, but rather with the technical details behind it. For example, it explains how solar energy works in photovoltaics, solar thermal energy or updraft power plants. Factsheet 06 can be found here, we…

Factsheet 05: Solar Energy – Power from the Sun

In the last few weeks, we have already talked about two forms of renewable energy, wind energy and hydro energy, and their advantages and disadvantages in our factsheets. In Factsheet 05 we now look at another form of renewable energy: solar energy. Factsheet 05 “Solar Energy – Power from the Sun” will look at how solar energy works and is…