Collaboration  and joint value creation


Collaboration not only refers to working together, but is above all the fundamental principle of joint value creation. Two or more collaborators with complementary potentials and competences create a common idea that none of them had before and that none of them could have developed alone. Collaboration produces a common process, product or service. Collaboration mediates between different approaches and brings together the potentials of a team or different partners in a shared solution.

Collaboration emphasises joint work and a common overarching goal. The outcome of collaboration is always more complex and reflects different perspectives because a single individual usually can’t reflect this complexity.

Numerous collaboration software solutions support the collaboration of very heterogeneous partners


As the digitalisation of the world of work advances, software-supported social collaboration is becoming more and more important, as spatial distances can be overcome and the exchange of information can be digitally controlled. Temporal distances can also be managed through asynchronous workflows.

Especially in the development of successful business ideas, collaborative work and directed exchange with one’s own team, but also with other relevant actors, has a creativity-enhancing effect. Collaboration brings together the knowledge and perspectives of different actors relevant to the market.

Key aspect of GTL


An key aspect of GTL is to support you in the process of developing a sustainbable business idea and to provide you with a platform on which you can work on your business idea together with your team or also with external partners. Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to network with other start-up teams from your region but also from other regions or countries.

GTL offers you the possibility to use the collaboration software Microsoft Teams to

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