Factsheet 01: Wind – Energy from Nothing

Factsheet 01: Wind – Energy from Nothing

The GreenTecLab project has now come to an end after 2.5 years and has accompanied more than 50 start-ups on their journey. Despite the successes achieved, there is still a lot to do for a green transition and many needs for new products and services as well as qualifications for the green economy have emerged in different areas. Support structures for green start-ups need to be consolidated, there is a lack of a green ecosystem that supports ecologically oriented initiatives and offers them a platform to develop and successfully implement their ideas. In addition, there is a need for qualification and start-ups as well as a steadily growing demand for new services, especially in the fields of green hydrogen, heat pump installation in combination with renewable energies (especially photovoltaics) and renewable energy.

Based on these needs and on the network that we built and that will be further developed beyond the project, expert contributions will be published at regular intervals in the future in the form of factsheets. Different renewable energies such as wind, water and solar energy, but also biomass or heat pumps will be presented in detail with their advantages, disadvantages and potentials.

You can access the first factsheet “Renewable Energy: Wind – Energy from Nothing” here. It deals with wind energy in general, its use in Europe and relevant professions and competence profiles. Next week there will be another factsheet on wind energy, which will take a deeper look at the advantages and disadvantages of using wind turbines. We hope you enjoy reading it.


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