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GTL Mentoring Program in Spain

GTL Mentoring Program in Spain

As a result of the start-up competition for green economy projects in La Janda (Cádiz) seven green emerging projects in different green areas (circular economy, sustainable agriculture, Eco-tourism) were identified.

In addition, after the Bootcamp workshop held in Cadiz in October 2021, one new green start up from the city of Cadiz was identified they were invited to participate in the program in the meanwhile the Cadiz start-up competition was organized.

Support by mentoring a program

These projects have been supported by a mentoring program that will help to develop their green business idea and to develop skills and topics that would help them in the development of their start-up. As the emerging projects are in different stages of business development, several modules have been presented giving the option of choosing the ones that are more suitable for each of them.

Entrepreneurial skills

The mentoring has been running since mid-November and will continue into the spring. In addition to technical topics such as business plan development, financial planning, legal advice and support, and many others, softer topics such as entrepreneurial skills – leadership and motivation, resilience and change management – are also addressed. A regular personal exchange and coaching sessions complement the support concept of the Spanish startups. 

The GTL project shows once more that especially personal contact and individual support are essential for successful startups, this is true for all participating project countries.

We look forward to reporting more about the GTL business ideas and the development status of the start-ups in the future. 

For more GTL updates check our news regularly.


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