As part of the GTL journey, green business ideas are developed and sustainability-oriented start-ups are founded. Immerse yourself in exciting green business ideas and get to know our GTL startups. Every month we present a new startup from Greece, Spain and Slovakia.

Start-Ups of the Month:

July: Veles Farming

We stumbled upon vertical farming when we were working on a project for the United Nations SDGs. In the end we decided to work on something else (smart waste management/ microgrid) but vertical farming stuck long after being done with the projects. So we decided to make a start up out of it.

You would like to learn more about the idea of Veles Farming? Then take a look at their profile here.

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June: Crete Hinterland

We are a team that started from the evening Vocational High School of Platanias Chania Crete, with adults students and we have a vision to promote the inland of our island.
Away from the lights of the city and the famous places we offer alternative forms of tourism for visitors who want to follow the paths of Cretan Tradition, to meet and experience authentic Crete. For that reason, we created a social cooperative enterprise with the name Crete Hinterland.

You would like to learn more about the idea of Crete Hinterland? Then take a look at their profile here.

Download Crete Hinterlands Presentation here.

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