GTL Regional

The GTL programme

Regional GTLs are laboratories (labs) to support green start-ups and green business ideas.


Based on the virtual platform, support structures in regional labs are set up in 5 regions (Athens, Crete, Nitra, Cadiz, La Janda) from 3 countries in Europe (Greece, Slovakia, Spain) to support potential start-ups on the local level.

Greece, Slovakia and Spain

They have a large amount of green-tech know-how and a great potential to promote the economy with sustainable solutions. For young start-ups, innovative green sustainable products and services offer a great opportunity for self-employment, entrepreneurship and successful market establishment in these countries.

However, it is important to consider that different countries and regions have different priorities in the field of green technologies and sustainable service ideas, as well as different support services and approaches.

Therefore, the specific local support offers are presented in the regional GTLs:

The regional partners and networking opportunities for all 5 partner regions are presented here. Also the specific focal topics with regard to green start-ups and regional support approaches are highlighted here.

You are interested and want to find out more about starting a green business in your region and get to know the specific support infrastructure and networks?

Then choose the region that suits you and find out more: