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Local Support Structure

Would you like to learn more about who supports you in your region and with which partners we work together? Here we introduce you to our contact persons and a regional network that could support you in implementing your business idea. 

Funded Partners

AICIA is a Technological Center linked to the Higher Technical School of Engineering of Seville, whose purpose is to promote, guide and develop industrial research with the basic objective of favoring society and industry both at Andalusian and international level. It has national and regional qualification of Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT)

The Institute for Promotion, Employment and Training of the City Council of Cadiz (IFEF) was established in 2001, with the aim of applying a local strategy to streamline and modernise employment and training policies and the promotion of entrepreneurship, in order to contribute to the economic and social development of our city. 

The Institute carries out studies and reports, prepares projects and manages subsidies, with the aim of contributing to the development and promotion of the various economic sectors in Cádiz. 

Existing Start-ups

Solatom  is a start-up formed by a team of engineers coming from the solar and aeronautical sector. Its main product is a concentrating solar collector that generates heat at high temperature reflecting sunlight with mirrors.

Agrocomparador In the agricultural sector, the price of products is constantly changing depending on supply and demand. There are many farmers and companies that do not know the current market price when selling or buying a product. With Agrocomprador, farmers should be able to know the current price of their product and offer it for sale in a “shop window” that can be seen by hundreds of companies and cooperatives interested in buying it at the best price. 
Agrocomprador puts farmers in contact with companies and cooperatives to facilitate the purchase/sale of their products, so that both parties benefit from setting a fair price.  

Lifebioencapsulation Company that is dedicated to the encapsulation of functional molecules and microorganisms, as well as the development of new products and processes to favor their use in the agri-food industry.

Byproductplace ByProductPlace is a management system for commercial exchange between the companies that generate them and those that demand them for their production process, mazimizing benefits, to prolong the useful life of materials and resources, and minimizing the generation of waste.

Footprint Value is company dedicated to calculate carbon footprints, make recommendations for reduction and give the possibility to compensate it through a blockchain system on a Web/App platform. Especially in the sector of construction and use of buildings, infrastructures and cities.

Public Entities

Ceia3 The Campus of International Excellence in Agrifood ceiA3 is the result of the integration of the Universities of Almería, Cádiz, Huelva and Jaén, led by the University of Córdoba. Five institutions with a long scientific career that put all their knowledge in the agri-food sector at the service of society and the productive fabric with the aim of contributing to the development of the sector and, especially, to respond to the agri-food challenges of the 21st century.

University of Seville Five hundred years of history have made the University of Seville a benchmark educational institution for knowledge in Spain. 
Thanks to its history, structure and human team, the University of Seville is now a reference in the Spanish and European university system, with more than 70,000 students enrolled last year. This makes it the second Spanish university and the first Andalusian university in terms of enrolment in its hundred degree programmes and more than 160 Master’s programmes. Its commitment to knowledge and its contribution to progress also sets it apart in the generation of patents, an activity in which it holds second place nationally. 

University Pablo de Olavide The University of Pablo de Olavide in Seville is a public university dedicated to quality teaching. Located on a unique campus equipped with the latest technology, it combines teaching, research and social and sporting activities. 

Seville Chamber of Commerce The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Shipping of Seville, founded in 1886, is a public body. The purpose of the Seville Chamber of Commerce is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of commerce, industry and shipping and to provide services to businesses. It also acts as an advisory body and collaborates with the public administrations, to whom it presents itself as an institution representing the general interests of businesses.The Chamber of Commerce carries out many activities to promote the growth of economic activity in the province. 

Private Entities

Technological Corporation of Andalusia Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) is at the service of companies, universities, public authorities and other bodies and its aim is to help transform the results of innovation into wealth creation. The Corporation works to forge links between ideas and talent, knowledge and entrepreneurship and innovation and the market.

Coworking & Incubator

Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs at the Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSI) For start-ups from people linked to the University of Seville

Contact Person: Associate director of bussines relations and external practices of the Higher Technical School of Engineering of the University of Seville:


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