Stage ONE

Define your vision!

The development of a business idea is a complex process and depending on the stage of development and the type of business idea (e.g. service or product) different aspects have to be considered.  GTL offers you a comprehensive toolbox to support you in the development of your business idea. The different tools are clustered into 3 phases of development and give you guidance and help you find what you need. 

Stage 1 focuses on the concrete definition of your vision into a feasible business idea. The topics range from inspiration from successful start-ups to basic entrepreneurship training and the use of classic business models and creative techniques

Inspirational Success Stories

There are now countless green, sustainable companies in a wide variety of businesses, such as sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, sustainable food, and more. Here you can find successful startups as inspiration for developing your own green idea.

„This study provides the example of a start-up sustainable business venture, „Simply Green – a biofuels company“. It gives a detailed look at the challenges of entrepreneurship and of managing a small company. A questionary with suggestions to discuss the case study is added.

Basic Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurship has many facets and requires diverse competences. Often we are not fully aware of our own competences (and the competences of our team members). The tool helps to uncover talents and skills and to encourage you to start your own business. 

Here you will get a general introduction to Economics and Business Administration and be guided through the basic functions of Management, Leadership and Stakeholder Relationships.

This module describes the term entrepreneurship and the current trends in Europe. It applies different tools in order to develop a business idea and to carry it through different stages of the entrepreneurship process.

It also provides an overview of

Business Modelling

There are different ways to develop and visualise your business idea – from the classic business plan, to the use of Canvas, to the pitch presentation. Here you will learn about the different options and their advantages and disadvantages and how to present your business idea successfully.

Creative Approaches

Creativity can help to develop a business idea, drive innovation or increase the success of individual projects.

But not every founder is equally creative, so creativity techniques can help unleash creativity.

Learn about nine different  creativity techniques to further develop your business idea.