Stage Three

Roll out your idea!

The development of a business idea is a complex process and depending on the stage of development and the type of business idea (e.g. service or product) different aspects have to be considered.  GTL offers you a comprehensive toolbox to support you in the development of your business idea. The different tools are clustered into 3 phases of development and give you guidance and help you find what you need. 

Stage 3 focuses on rolling out the idea and entering the market. The focus is on market performance, marketing and sales as well as the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Market Performance

Marketing and Sales

Here you can find out which aspects you need to consider with regard to marketing when setting up a green business idea. 5 key aspects are particularly important.

If you have worked on the case study “Simply Green” (see Stage 1, Inspirational Success Stories, “Simply Green – a biofuel Company” – Case Study) and would now like to look at the topic of marketing mix using an example, this worksheet will provide you with inspiration on how this can be evaluated.

Entrepreneurial Skill Development

The aim is to introduce you to leadership and management in your enterprise and to highlight the importance of being a competent leader so that you are able to establish and run a successful business.

It introduces you to some skills and attributes you need to take in the roll of a leader when starting your green business or when leading your existing business into a new direction by „going green“.

The aim of this unit ist to introduce you to emotinal intelligence and the skills and attributs you need for an effective management of yourself, of other people and of situations that will encounter througout the process of establishing and developing your green business.