GTL Training

The GTL programme

The development of a business idea is a complex process


And depending on the stage of development and the type of business idea (e.g. service or product) different aspects have to be considered.  

GTL offers you a comprehensive toolbox to support you in the development of your business idea. The different tools are clustered into 3 phases of development and give you guidance and help you find what you need. 

Stage one focuses on the concrete definition of your vision into a feasible business idea. The topics range from inspiration from successful start-ups to basic entrepreneurship training and the use of classic business models and creative techniques

Stage 2 focuses on in-depth training to prepare for market entry with a sustainable green business idea. Entrepreneurial development, the specifics of green entrepreneurship, mentoring by supporters and investors, and technical training are offered.

Stage 3 focuses on rolling out the idea and entering the market. The focus is on market performance, marketing and sales as well as the development of entrepreneurial skills.

The GTL programme defines three stages of support.


These phases adapt to your needs. You can become part of the project at any stage. The services of the three stages are open to all participants.

Bootcamps and Pitches: Inspiration, motivation, define your idea co-creatively, trigger your creativity, learn to collaborate, plan your business, plan your competence development, present your idea

Be supported to develop and to implement your idea. Build up your team and your network, learn from the network, learn from your customer, finance your idea, prepare your market entry, check your ecological and social responsibility

Stage three: Roll out your idea!

Learn from your experience, improve your business model, enter the market,
get familar with the market, spread your idea and your message, contribute to sustainability