Welcome to the Nitra version of the GTL programme for future leaders in green transition

Welcome to the Nitra version of the GTL programme for future leaders in green transition

What is it?

The GTL project will offer a virtual platform and a local start-up center where participants can find entrepreneurship and technical training, start-up support and network formation. The aim of the project is to help you to become a future transition leader! 

Who can participate?

Young and motivated people from the region of Nitra that are passionate about sustainability. People that would like to develop new services and project ideas that will enhance the transition to a low emission economy.  

What are you going to do?

The GTL project offers a balanced mix of theory and practice in order to increase participants’ knowledge of sustainability issues and business practices. The course is divided into three phases: the Bootcamp, the 4days Training and the GTL Training. In the next figure you can see the main topics you are going to learn and put into practice.

The Bootcamp

The aim of Bootcamp is to inspire – through the stories of successful entrepreneurs from Slovakia, and abroad, who are dedicated to sustainable business.

In addition to that, during the Bootcamp, participants will familiarize themselves with the concept of Design-Thinking approach. In which the human is put at the centre and its needs are solved through a creative problem solving method. 

The 4days Training

During the 4days Training period, you will develop your ideas. The course will provide direct contact with potential customers, in this way you can directly receive feedback from them and improve your product/service. With the support of mentors you will develop a prototype, which you can use to test your idea, to get quick and effective feedback and eventually to refine your solution.  

The goal of the 4-day training is to come up with tangible solutions for human needs that are in relation to the negative effects of climate change

The GTL Training

In the last phase of the GTL project, mentors will guide you through the discovery of the main topics and tools of the business development process. You will follow interesting lectures on different thematic topics like sustainable agriculture, waste and water management and energy issues. The goal of the GTL Training is to hone the business and technical skills required to develop and manage your company.

When and Where?

The GTL project will entirely be online with remote lectures and workshops. In the next figure you can find the starting and ending dates of each phase of the project.

How to participate?

That’s the most important question! You just need to click on this link and complete the form with your name, email address and give us the consent for the management of your data. Are you ready to become the leader of the green transition?


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